The Great Gatsby Chapter 5 Summary

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Chapter 5 is a very important chapter in the book, since this the moment when Gatsby finally meets Daisy after 5 years of not seeing each other. But from the start of the chapter we are introduced to the concept of illusion, which is mainly created by him in his head. What he wanted for so long is finally happening, but does it really live up to his expectations? We can come to the conclusion that it doesn’t, since he exaggerated it so much in his head. It is quite important to notice, that in the first paragraph in the chapter there is a word ‘unreal’ which gives us a clue about what this chapter will be about. This way of beginning the chapter, makes us think about what is really real and what is a fantasy in this book. It gets us to wonder what we should and shouldn’t believe. Other chapters in fact build all this up, since in most of them Gatsby is lying about who he really is and where he is coming from. He creates a fantasy of himself and what he would love to be just to impress Daisy, he does the same for her. And this chapter just emphasises this. When Gatsby…show more content…
At point, during the chapter she gets very jealous of Gatsby which shows that she has some feelings towards him. Since, she seems very scared about him finding someone else who is younger and much prettier than her and will take over his heart and he will give her everything he can. And she won’t be the one that is really wanted by him, and he will stop trying to impress her. She doesn’t want to have the attention taken off her, since she seems to really enjoy it. Gatsby really exaggerated Daisy’s appearance and characteristics, seems like a fantasy but she does seem to get him ‘glowing’ and really happy so, to some extent she lives up to his
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