Why Girls and Boys Shouldnt Be on the Same Sports Team

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Some people believe that girls and boys should play on the same sports team. In my opinion I don’t believe that is a good idea. Guys tend to be more competitive than girls. Boys are naturally stronger than girls and can hurt them while playing. And because having a member of the opposite sex would distract players and doesn't allow them to reach their full potential. In sports Boys are more competitive than girls. The boys play with more force than girls do. Some girls may play on the same level as boys, but not girls can play on that level. Girls can be as or maybe more competitive then boys. And those are the girls who should be playing on the same sports team as boys. But all girls might not be physically on that level and its dangerous to allow them to play on the same team. They can get hurt and its easier to just allow them to play on their own team with other girls. Research shows that when boys get hurt they can shake it off. But once a girl gets hurt it takes longer for them to get over the pain. Because facts state that boys are naturally stronger than girls. In reality boys are naturally stronger than girls are. They don’t get hurt as easily. They have more muscles then girls do. Putting them on the same sports team is dangerous to the girls and can cause harm. Boys are willing to get hurt and hurt others and play rough. Girls tend to try not to hurt other and don’t get as competitive as boys do. Having a player of the opposite sex might distract players. It might distract the boys from giving their full potential. And it might distract the girls from giving their full potential also. Girl get distracted easily and so do boys. Having them on the same team will basically send the team in the defeat because everyone is distracted. These are the three main reasons why girls and boys shouldn’t play on the same sports team. Boys are more competitive. Boys
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