Women Expectations Compared to Men

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Society has different expectations of women compared to men. Discuss. In today’s society, people really do express the different expectations placed on women compared to men. People are constantly being defined for their race, colour, religion, appearances and gender. Women are set such a high standards when it comes to society’s expectations because “average” just doesn’t cut it. Most women these days are expected to look, dress and act a certain way that they normally wouldn’t intend on doing. Women feel pressured on trying to dress more feminine, as they feel, based on society’s expectations, that this is the only way men will feel more sexually attracted to them. Also another reason is that most women also try competing against other women just too simply get more attention. Partially in saying that, women mostly feel the need to make themselves look good because they themselves see them only being attracted to the good looking guys and the only way they think of trying to do this, is by using their looks as a part of attracting the opposite gender. Society automatically assumes most girls will all have the same type of attributes. They’re expected to be nice, attractive, mature, emotional, and not too aggressive. Women are automatically judged the second they are seen by the public. If women were to step out of their own determined “role” they’re then automatically considered as outcasts by society. For example, if a woman doesn’t uphold the correct expected feminine figure or appearance and they happen to have more of a masculine feature, people inevitably assume that they’re a “lesbian” or “transgendered”. In conclusion society just isn’t embracing individuality or differences, which is what everyone needs. Society itself needs to get over what they think is right and to let others act the way they
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