Boys And Girls Essay

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Boys are boys and girls are girls. Boys do boy things and girls do girl things. Fair right? This is the world society has created for us. They have created a world in which men and women are significantly catorgized into seperate roles simply based on gender. Alice Munro successfully illustrated and delivered this thought in her short story, Boys and Girls. The selection is narrarated by a young girl, who is also the main character in the story. Her and her younger brother Laird have grown up on a fox farm which their father ran. The mother had little interest in the duties that follwed fox farming, and was seen a fit wife for that reason. She took care of the household chores as the father did the outside**. As i countinued reading i noticed the young girl in the story was to be nameless. This proves her lack of identy as well as how insignificant she was seen to be. Her brother Laird, and even the hired helper Henry were named, making a point that the males in the story were seen superior to the girl. Though all odds were against the young girl, as she lie in her bed at night she built a world in which she was faced with extreme challanges and dangers that her world never presented her with. The girl was always the herione in her stories that took place in a world thay was, as she said, "recognizably mine, yet one that presented opportunities for courage, boldness and self-sacrifice, as mine never did." Ultimately the girl wanted to live in a world where she was needed and important. While the girl was young, she was allowed to help her father with the chores outside the house such as raking the grass and helping feed the fox's. The young girl took pride in these duties that her father trusted her to do for him. Though doing chores wouldnt seem to have much meaning in an emotional was, the young girl was really seeking attention from her father, and this was

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