Why Is Curley's Wife Lonely

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Some women who are “making their rounds” to others usually have nothing better to do with themselves and are lonely people. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck have a lot of lonely people in it but one sticks out as extremely lonely. This specific character is Curley's wife she is extremely lonely she makes her rounds at the farm to get people going. Curley’s wife goes around the farm doing things men are interested in so she attracts them for attention. The only reason she is always lonely is for the way her husband Curly treats her and how he really doesn’t satisfy her for things and is never really around. Curley’s wife although she is married to Curly it is very rare you see them together on the ranch this could be a reason also. Steinbeck…show more content…
When George and Lennie are loading up the truck with the bags of grains together she comes and tries to impress someone and notices something “Why can’t I talk to you? I never get to talk to nobody… I get awful lonely…” she says (pg.87) this shows she gets lonely when she doesn’t talk to all other people and have new people to talk to. This also relates to the theme of loneliness since she even says she is in it and also she has nothing to do really. In this part of the scene however they did have a good ending point since they sat and talked but she just goes around with no thoughts about anything. This goes back to character versus character since there are two people talking or acting with each other and it is conflict. In this c vs. c this is conflict since she is asking why he won’t do something for them. Curley’s wife loves to interact with people and they sometimes don’t want her. Steinbeck proves Curley’s wife is the loneliest on Of Mice and Men through cvs.c conflict, dialogue, indirect characterization. Curley’s wife is very lonely so she has to make her rounds at the farm to not be as lonely as possible. John Steinbeck has some of the loneliest people in the novella Of Mice and Men. If Curley’s wife only had another woman to talk to at the farm or a new husband everyone has a better

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