How Did Maria Mitchell Affect Society

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Maria Mitchell was the first famous female astronomer in the United states. Ever since Maria was younger she was interested in learning and had a knack for science at an early age. He father, William Mitchell, approved of this because he also was interested in science. He was an astronomer. The first time she began to adore astronomy was when she helped her father built a small observatory. She had many things going for her like becoming a librarian, working with her father at a bank but, science was the one thing she enjoyed and wanted to pursue the most. Marie Mitchell was born and raised in Nantucket, Massachusetts on August 1st, 1887 and died June 28th, 1889. She was raised by her Quaker parents William Mitchell and Lydia Coleman. Her parents highly valued education and wanted her to receive the same education that boys receive. She was the third born of ten children. Throughout her life she attended private schools, such as North Grammar school, where her father was the first principle. He taught her everything she needed and wanted to know about astronomy first hand using his very own telescope. Marie Mitchell…show more content…
I believe that this had a great impacted the society, mostly women. This was because women back in the 1800’s were only considered to be house wives, looking after the children, cooking for the family and cleaning their houses. Many women didn’t have the opportunity to do everything or even have everything that Marie did. Many of them couldn’t even go to school because they had to stay home to help their mothers with the house. After she made that comet discovery she gave hope to all women and showed them that they can do whatever they want even if only men have done it before. They can go to school, get a good education and even become just as successful or even more successful as men can be. She showed them that a women is just as good as a man can

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