The Portrayal Of Women In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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During the 1900’s woman were portrayed in a very different way then in today’s society. The role of women in the 1900’s affects the way Curley’s wife is portrayed in the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Woman in the 1900’s are often portrayed as the property of men. And as their property they were not allowed to work. All they were allowed to do was stay home and clean and take care of the kids if they had any. Most women were getting bored of just sitting around. They wanted a friendship outside of there house. Curley’s wife is a perfect example of this. During the1900’s only 20% of women over ten years of age worked outside of their home. This meant that the other 80% of women were still working in their homes. Most of the women…show more content…
Curley’s wife had to sacrifice many things for her husband. A major thing that she sacrifices is her dream of becoming an actress. In order for Curley’s wife to keep her marriage with Curley going strong she had to forget about her dreams and move with Curley onto the farm. Even though sometimes Curley’s wife regrets her decision, she knows that she really did not have a choice. It was either keep her marriage with Curley or get a divorce and pursue her acting. Many women in the 1900’s were faced with this same decision. Curley’s wife is the only women on the farm, making it hard to make friends. This makes life on the farm boring. During the novel Curley’s wife is often found wondering around the farm “looking for Curley”. Many of the guys on the farm think that she is looking for attention. They also think that she is a “tart.” Mean while all that Curley’s wife is trying to do is make some friends so that she is not alone on the farm. This shows how Curley’s wife is an example of how women were restless during this time period because they had not much to do, and most of the time they were alone. Curley is also very protective of his wife. This making her life on the farm even more boring and lonely. To Curley, his wife is just property, so that’s how he treats her. So if any of the guys on the ranch try and make a friendly conversation with Curley’s wife he gets very mad,

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