Examine the Role of Woman in Romeo and Juileit

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Romeo and Juliet Essay: Literary analysis In Romeo and Juliet, women have minor roles in the society in the time this play was wrote within the 16th century, a time where the role of women was not to be a person in their own rights, but to be a wife to their husband and a mother to their children. Women had a specific place in society, and they were expected to conform to expectations of their positions. Women were owned by their husbands, and had little to no freedom from their spouses or parents. In Romeo and Juliet, women have minor roles in the society. They are expected to be obedient and followers of men in their families. For example, Lady Capulet and Lady Montague can do nothing to stop their husbands' anger towards their villains. Lady Montague doesn't care much about the feud between two families as she doesn't want Romeo involved in the fighting. Juliet's character is a clear example of women's role. She has little guidance and help from her family. She is expected to marry Paris as her father decided. The death of her at the end can be known as a severe punishment as she argues the fate. They are expected to be obedient and to follow the word of their husbands, but still each women plays a important role which contributes to the outcome of the play "Romeo and Juliet". In the play, Shakespeare puts the character Juliet in a typical situation, which was an arranged marriage and this was a role taken by all women of that time. The parents would choose a husband for their daughter, no matter her age, although arranged marriages where the norm the nurse cares for Juliet enough to trust her decisions and also goes to extremes to bring happiness to Juliet. The Nurse was a servant of the Capulet family and it is common to have a nurse in wealthy families. The Nurse has looked after Juliet since she was a baby. The Nurse is a very funny, disturbing and
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