Blue Nile Diamonds Analysis

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Blue Nile Inc. Case Analysis Background: Founded in 1999, Blue Nile Inc. is the world’s largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry and has been public since 2004. Model of Analysis: Strategic Sweet Spot Problem: In the jewelry industry there is lots of markups, closeout sales, and it could be difficult for Blue Nile to get online shoppers comfortable with purchasing a diamond sight-unseen over the internet. Recommendation: The only thing that I believe would benefit the company is to expand more. Make it known to the public and get your name out there. I had never heard of them before this report and now that I have visited their website, I will consider them dearly in the future. Analysis: The main problem with other businesses in the jewelry industry is that they lack many types of in store varieties. They may not have exactly what you’re looking for and they may also only provide you with certain types. Meaning that there is no way to customize your own diamond. The sweet spot of the company is how they make it more comfortable for shoppers online to feel they are not getting cheated. Blue Nile is always assuring customers online or through operator phone calls that the company is there for you. From reading, and from visiting the website, I saw nothing that would steer me away from the company. They seemed fair and had plenty of statistics and offered everything in which a non educated jewelry buyer could use in order to obtain what he wanted and feel confident in his purchase. With Blue Nile the main thing to their company is customer satisfaction and making sure you know you control what you want and if you’re satisfied. I found this from their website; “At Blue Nile you'll find high-quality diamonds certified by the most respected independent diamond grading labs. You can create your own jewelry — choose the right diamond and

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