Lenscrafter Case Study

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Lenscrafters Case Study Lenscrafters has always had one primary focus which is creating relationships with customer then maintaining those relationships for life. Also, by providing a high level of customer service, hiring and training energetic associates, providing a good working environment and most importantly to its customers, providing quality eyewear in about an hour. Lenscrafters has shown it's commitment to eye by focusing on only one thing which is taking care of people’s eyes. They also strive to improve the entire process of eye care, starting with exceptional customer service, honesty, transparency and a willingness to invest in new software to help them maintain their competitive edge against their competition. Their Customer Benefit Package Design Configuration is the integrated set of goods (eyewear) and services (accurate eye exam and one-hour service) are of equal importance. Lenscrafters has developed an incredible brand recognition being widely known and trusted across North America. Their ability to provide convenient access to eye exams, modern frames and lenses, one hour services, competitive pricing and a very substantial 30 day guarantee couple with both fashion and luxury eyewear are some of the things keeping them a household staple. The first Lenscrafters store was opened in 1983 and its promise of providing glasses in about an hour was a first in the industry. By bringing together experts in optometry and a state of the art optical laboratory, Lenscrafters was able to provide a very complete customer service experience. As of today, Lenscrafters is still an industry leader operating 963 stores and almost 15,000 associates across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Lenscrafters has

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