Basic Essentials Needed to Maintain a Happy Family Life

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Basic essentials needed to maintain a happy family life The basic requirement for a happy family life is Love. Without love for your partner and all family members, along with each member loving one another, to some degree, you would not be as willing to work together, creating harmony. Material possessions and monetary assets are the least important to maintain a healthy family life. The "Family" is the people within the group, not what they have, but what they find and have in each other. What is more important and most essential, are the attitudes and treatment of one another. It is best of all to have honesty, communication and appreciation. With honesty, you find security and confidence that you can trust someone. Without honesty, there will be no true communication, lying is story-telling, not expressing what you really feel, believe in, or would like to see in others around you. Honesty truly is "The Best Policy.” When you communicate well, the family is "well". Problems that might arise, can be solved. Sometimes through changes and sometimes through acceptance, at least as a temporary solution, which may later be completely solved. Agreeing is one form of solving, but also agreeing to disagree on some issues can be the final solution. In this way there should be happiness and acceptance of one another. It can be hard at first to develop an essential line of communication, but once you start, openness can evolve. Openness is the result of it and can be the cement that bonds everyone. A family has many parts, besides the people involved. With love, honesty and communication, comes appreciation of everyone. You learn to appreciate when you see the value in each family member. You are willing to listen and help out when anything is wrong. A man who appreciates his wife, would

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