Ethics Reflective Essay

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In this course I have been faced with many ethical and moral questions. I have had to create a personal code of ethics to enable me to determine whether a company or individuals in my assignments have met my expectations as a human being. This has been a challenge to attempt to define myself and to evaluate my current employer to size them up as well. Is creating this code of ethics important on a personal as well as on a professional level? “Personal ethics are standards of how we should behave based on certain core principles of right and wrong. (Perrotta, 2003)” My personal code of ethics uses these core principles: • Trustworthiness • Respect • Responsibility • Fairness • Caring • Citizenship • Personal Development As I have sat back and given my life a review, I have been able to compile this list. Because I have never done an assignment like this I have nothing to compare it too, I have no idea if this is complete. Has it changed over the years? Will I hold my self accountable for my actions? I believe that these standards have evolved over my thirty-eight year life. I know that I have grown as a person so these standards have grown with me. The first of these is truthfulness. “Truthfulness is being honest…keeping promises, and being loyal so people can trust you (” As a human being it would be difficult to have friends and a profession when truth is a problem. Being truthful and trustworthy go hand in hand, trustworthy people must be truthful or honest. “Trustworthiness is a key to building healthy friendships. People learn to trust each other only after a history of honest interactions. It only takes one mistake to damage a trustworthy reputation, and trust is a very difficult thing to regain once it has been lost (” Secondly, respect is a trait that I’m constantly striving to

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