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Through human lives, many people are involving a lot of communities. However, family is the top priority communities to most of the people like I do. According to dictionary the family means a group of people who are related to each other. Through the sexual relationships between my parents, I and my siblings can be the part of the members in my family. The family is the most trustful and supportive community in my life. Based on the evidences I mentioned, the community, family, provides us with a sense of stability, serves our needs, and accepts us for who we are. First of all, the family serves our needs. One of the destinations that a God give child is that be a part of the members of the family. Also, supporting child is the parts of the duties that family have. Family is providing child a house that it lives, the clothes that it wears and the food that it eats. They taught children how to behave, act and cultural value. For example, my family taught me how to obey and respect elders and disables and what are the differences between them and us, normal people. After learning all these facts, I started to respect and understand them. Teaching children well is the most effective thing that families provide to its heir. According to Korean children caring center, children who have taught proper behavior from its parents have more chances to become successful people. Children must be treated with love and fully supported by its parents. Therefore, the whole society will work properly with its best people and they will reproduce their heir to maintain its family line. Serving the basic needs is the not only essential but also crucial things to raise children well. Secondly, family accepts us for who we are. Feeling love and trust is not only basic but also crucial needs with the family members. Those things cannot be made by something or someone else. Due to

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