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Essay on Baby Peter Connelly On August the 3rd 2007 17-Month-old Peter Connelly (known as Baby P before an Anonymity Order was lifted in 2009) died from injuries inflicted by his mother Tracey Connelly and her boyfriend Steven Barker, with at least the knowledge of flatmate Jason Owen, the brother of Barker. He had over fifty injuries including broken ribs, mutilated fingers, including missing fingernails, and a broken back. Peter had been taken away from his mother and put in the care of a family friend for safeguarding twice in the previous year due to concerns over bruises and scratches obtained whist in the care of his mother...once in December 2006 when only nine months old. Twenty-eight experts saw him in all and many differed in opinions on whether he should be in his mother’s care but ultimately, and tragically he was allowed to return to Connelly and Barker on both occasions. Police, health visitors and social workers had visited his home 60 times in the eight months previous to his death. This was in the London borough of Hackney. On November 11th 2008 all three were found guilty of ‘causing or allowing the death of a child or vulnerable person’. In April 2009 another trial began into the rape, by Barker of a two-year-old…show more content…
Shadow ministers like Tim Loughton argued that 80% of a social worker’s time was spent in front of a computer screen....the new plans would add even more bureaucracy to social workers and actually mean they spend even less time out in the community helping children in need. Due to seemingly too many professionals rounding on each other, Ed balls said in reaction to one report...“They will introduce new statutory targets for safeguarding and child protection and require local safeguarding children boards to appoint two members drawn from the local community and to publish an annual report on their

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