Why Schools shouldn't be adding more student to classrooms

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“Timmy be quite! Don’t throw that in the classroom! Please stop talking!” Yelling everywhere, that would be the typical dialogue of a teacher, in a regular sized class, and now, schools are trying to include a greater number of students in their classroom! According to the Just Education Magazine of April, 2007, 65% of schools are crowded! If they do succeed, in adding more students in my class, many shifts would occur, less working space, even more disturbances,(as if they didn’t have enough in my class with the amount of kids there) and grades would drop, instantaneously. In the first place, we all know that classes are composed of enough students as it is. From what I observed, we need less students, in my classroom we have very little space to work in, due to the amount of people in my class. Adding more students, would most definitely leave less space to work in, think about it, your in a job, and you work in a cubicle, and all the cubicles are occupied, your job decides to cut back on the budget, so they wont have to buy more walls for cubicles, and they decide to hire more people, not only hire them but move them to your cubical! Wouldn’t you find it hard to work? To clarify my point even further, in my class there are 32 students and we can barely move to go use the restroom without hitting ourselves on someone’s desk, this is a result of overcrowding, adding more student just makes this problem even worse! If I had the final say in this decision it would most definitely be NO! Eventually, if the schools do decide to add more students to my class, there would be a lot more disturbances, as I have mentioned in the first paragraph, my class has a lot of disturbances and this is with just 32 kids, and the teacher is constantly telling us to “Quite down.” We all know that the more kids in a group, the more talking would occur, this is a very

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