Child Abuse Speech

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CHILD ABUSE SPEECH. Every year thousands of families welcome a new child into their home. These years are normally spent watching Disney movies, finger painting with their family and many visits to the zoo, but for many children this isn’t the case. This small percentage of children suffer through things that we couldn’t even imagine. Child abuse is the physical, sexual, or emotional mistreatment as well as neglect for a child or children. It is tough for people to understand why parents and caregivers abuse their child, but in fact child abuse is a major issue in New Zealand. It’s the fifth worst country for child abuse in the developed countries. Approximately 12 children will be abused by the end of this speech worldwide. Physical abuse involves physical aggression directed at a child by an adult. Three year old Nia was an example of this. Over a three week period she was kicked, beaten, held over a fire, put into a spinning clothes dryer, thrown against walls, dropped on the floor, and hung off a clothes line. Although you may think this is a very uncommon situation, it’s not as uncommon as it should be. In 2009 16 children died in New Zealand because of abuse by their own family members. That’s about one every 23 days. Another example is when Shamia Lawson ordered her 9 year old son to sit in the bath tub while she poured five pots of boiling water over him. Lawson told him if he got out she would hit him with her belt. Straight after she had burned him she made him clean the kitchen despite his complaints of his badly blistered feet. The boys burns were so bad they needed reconstructive surgery, skin grafts and physical therapy. Even though she was found guilty of abusing her child, Shamia Lawson was only imprisoned for six months. Emotional abuse and neglect are another examples of abuse. Emotional abuse includes name calling, humiliating, and making a

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