Ecosystemic Psychology (Systems)

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Ecosystemic Psychology – Assignment 03: Question 3: Briefly describe: a. The story as probably seen from the perspective of each one of the family members 1. The story from Mavis’ perspective: We are currently in therapy because I feel I cannot trust my daughter, April. Recently, I catch her lying to me about things. April is the only child I had had with my ex-husband, Howard. I divorced Howard when April was still an infant because he is an alcoholic and drug addict. Shortly thereafter, I met John and married him. I am still married to John and he is April’s stepfather. My own parents divorced when I was five whereafter I had to go and live in a stepfamily. I have two brothers and one sister. My younger brother was labeled a schizophrenic and my other brother and sister grew up in foster care. I did not have a happy home living with my stepfamily. My stepmother threw me out of the house when I was 18 after I stayed out too late one night. I had a good friend in high school who unfortunately committed suicide. I was quite close to her, and felt a terrible loss after she had passed away. After my stepmother had thrown me out of the house, I went to live with the mother of my friend whom had committed suicide. April and I have had a tight bond with each other up until recently. I love her very much and have always worked hard at our relationship because I want her to have a stable parental bond (something I never had). I don’t understand why she has started lying to me about some things in her life. I don’t like that I feel I can’t trust her as I already have some trust issues stemming from my youth. I have strived to give April a stable home with strong sense of security and a mother and stepfather who love her very much. I have done everything in my power to ensure that April doesn’t grow up like me after having been passed around

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