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Assignment 301 – Priniciples of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings Task A – Questions and Answers Ai 1. To pass on information 2. To express feelings 3. To resolve problems 4. To gain clear guidance and knowledge of those who you are supporting Aii - Effective communication is very important in order to pass clear and direct information between service users, support workers and other practitioners. When sharing information between professionals it is essential that the details are accurate as to reduce the amount of mistakes made. When supporting people it is good practise to use effective forms of communication so that the professional relationship is strengthened, this allows both service users and support workers to trust one another; it may also allow the support worker to be an advocate for the service user. This responsibility requires effective communication in order to have the service users’ everyday personal needs and also health care concerns identified and met. Aiii – Method | How effective is this method? | Talking to those that are closest to the service user – family, friends and colleagues | By communicating with people who know the service user either on a personal or professional level a support worker can gain knowledge of the person, their likes/dislikes and also ways in which they communicate. | Observing the service user | By observing the service user in their everyday environment a support worker can understand further the needs of the service user, their abilities/disabilities and how best to support them. | Looking at previous records * Health Files * Activity Logs * Personal History * Care Plans | Being able to read about a service users history will allow the support worker to know fully, their background, medical history (if necessary) and how they have been cared for in previous
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