Person Centered Approach

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The person centred approach to the care and support of individuals with dementia – CU239P What is a person centred approach? A good care provider will follow the principles of person-centred care. The aims of this method of care are to see the person with dementia as an individual, rather than focusing on treating the person as a collection of symptoms and behaviours to be controlled or on abilities that they have lost. Person-centred care considers the person and families’ requirement’s as a whole, taking into account each case by their unique qualities, abilities, interests, needs, preferences, and treating residents with dementia with dignity and respect. Benefits of person centred care * Allows the client to retain a level of independence and capacities. * Takes into account the clients input and preferred choices. * Helps retain a good quality of life and stops institutionalisation. * Maintains the client’s dignity and shows them respect. * Allows carers to focus on the client’s point of view. Role of carers * To provide assistance to the client and their family. * To offer care and compassion * To have good information and useful ideas about individuals in their care and share them with management to develop appropriate strategies. * To be in touch with their own concerns and feelings. * To provide social, emotional and environmental support as well as physical. Developing professional working relationships Staff can provide a better standard of care for clients if they are all able to understand the requirements and needs of the client and families. Teamwork and communication are vital aspects of being able to provide outstanding care and support for the client. Communication is particularly important in order for all team members to be able to identify current wellbeing and any changes in needs.
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