Armed Security in Schools

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Armed Security in Schools “Why ban one and not the other? And once you start banning semiautomatics, where do you stop?” (Milloy) Society believes the ban of guns is going to stop the violence in America, while most people don’t realize that by banning firearms, we as a society will only increase the power of the criminal over law abiding citizens. The man at the Sandy Hook Elementary School could have been avoid by many ways such as the mother not owning a gun knowing her son had a mental illness, or keeping a tighter lock on the gun in a safe that only she would have access too, finally one of the best ideas to be suggested is the proposal of having armed security guards in school. I believe that we should have armed security in our schools to protect our children by having an armed security as deterrents, President Children get secret service agents yet our children have nothing, finally properly trained and certified school staff to carry firearm. Having an armed security guard or peace officers at our school alone will act as a deterrent towards violent criminals from thinking about going to the school and committing a shooting. “Armed security guards increase safety. That's exactly why politicians, celebrities, banks, airports, rock concerts; they all used armed security to keep people safe “(Malveaux). Having an armed security guard or a police officer at our school will act as a deterrent to help keep a criminal from showing up and commenting a shooting, the criminal will see the armed security and decided against it because they have resistant. Another great benefit to having an armed security or a police officer at every school is that they can respond immediately to anything going on that would require there attention. With current situations, a call must be made to the police department which can take easily 5 minutes to get to the school, which in
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