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Arlene Dickinson ------------------------------------------------- How Arlene Dickinson became an inspiration to young women in the corporate world. Table of Contents Introduction 3 Women as Leaders 4 Communication 5 Passion 6 Conclusion 7 Bibliography 8 Introduction Arlene Dickinson is a powerful role model to all women especially to inspiring businesswomen. She sets her standards high and does not believe in settling for less, she is an over achiever. There is no obstacle to big to overcome; one must stay determined and focused on the goals they set for themselves. She believes that one should be valued by their own worth not by their perceived views. She’s a successful entrepreneur, a judge on the hit CBC TV show Dragons Den, and lastly ranked as one of PROFIT Magazine’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs for seven years running. Venture Communications is one of Canada’s top independent marketing communication firms, Arlene Dickinson has had the pleasure of becoming its sole owner in 1998 only ten years after she initially joined the firm. The National Post has announced Venture Communications to be one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies three times over a period of time. Arlene has a passion for marketing and because she chooses to turn her passion into her work she has become so successful. However, finding your passion may not always be a walk in the park; it’s something that we have to be patient to realize and determine a way to make a living out of that. Along with all her success in the corporate world she is also a mother to four wonderful children and a grandmother of three. She truly is a example that woman can be fulfill their roles at home and in the corporate world, you should never under estimate yourself and always work towards your goal without giving up. As Chris Bradford the author of The Way of the Sword says, “Each mistake

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