The Prime Minister's Powerful Better Half

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. I would describe Ho Ching as an influential leader because of the way of the she has recognized. Ho Ching was ranked 18th of Asia Most Powerful Business People and 24th of Forbes World's Most Powerful Women. Ho Ching receiving those awards show respect from her peers and she must of influenced someone with her success in order to receive them. Ho Ching also started as a civil service worker and moved her way up to working for the Defense Ministry. Ho Ching will gain respect and loyalty from her followers because she worked her way up through the ranks. Ho Ching will have a positive influence on her followers by starting with " humble roots", they will be able to relate to her. Ho Ching did not let the controversy of her marrying the prime minister impact her leadership role. She made the statement that there would not be a conflict of interest between her and her husband role in the company. Ho Ching also publicly disclose the company's annual report showing details of the company's performance. I think this show Ching as being an influential leader because it had never been done before. Ho Ching opened the door's for the company to move more aggressive into the Asian market. 2. The tactics Ho Ching used in her speech was inspirational and rational tactics. Inspirational because she tried to inspire the audience by talking about the emergence of the of the four Asian tigers , and how great Asian in the 60's and 70's but lost its sparkle but it can make a comeback if everyone pulls together. Rational because she explained the market and growth, she tried to be rational about she was saying and not get too emotional. 3. Ho Ching major sources of power expert power, referent power, and legitimate power. Expert power because Ho Ching has receive awards for being a highly successful business women so she could be consider an expert in the business world or

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