Maggie Walker Essay

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I. INTRODUCTION In the early 1900’s, life for a black woman was not very good, especially in the United States of America. Slavery had just ended and it was already hard for woman so just imagine how hard it was for a black woman. But in the town of Richmond, Virginia an intelligent young black woman would emerge and take the country by storm. * Thesis * Maggie Lena Walker a black woman, a teacher, an editor, an entrepreneur and a community activist would become of the most successful black woman of her time. II. BODY PARAGRAPH I Maggie Lenna Walker was born in Richmond, Virginia where a good life and education was hard to obtain. A. Early Life 1. Survival 2. Education III. BODY PARAGRAPH II After getting a good education at a young age, Maggie Lenna Walker became a used her education to help other. A. Teaching 1. Marriage B. Humanitarian 1. Community Organizer IV. BODY PARAGRAPH III Even though helping the community and being an inspiration to others Maggie Lenna Walker wanted to do more. A. Editor B. Businesswoman V. BODY PARAGRAPH IV: After all of her accomplishment while she was healthy. She continued to help others even when her health had declined. A. Paralysis 1. Leadership VI. CONCLUSION: Maggie Lenna Walker was a great contributor to society. She was a pioneer not only for women, but for all people. She inspired not only black woman, but she inspired businessmen, all women, and America people in general. Being born in Richmond, Virginia as a black woman not only was a blessing but it inspired her to become more than just a black woman, it inspired her to become a teacher, an editor, an entrepreneur and a community activist. But
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