Research Paper On Women's Suffrage

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WOMEN SUFFRAGE 50% of this earth is made up of women. Women have made a huge impact on this earth and most of the credit has gone to the women suffrage committee. Ever since the earth was created till about 1820’s women have been thought of just people who can be a care-taker and a gossiper. But is that all they are capable off? No, women now have gone above and beyond. They are nothing less or nothing more than what a man is. Because of the women suffrage committee women are able to achieve many things such as having a job, they can take part in political events, and they can achieve their life-long dreams. To begin with, women have been able to experience the hard work and labor that a man complains of having to go through every-day. Many women have made a huge impact because of the jobs they have had. For example, Hilary Clinton she is the secretary of state. She is a woman, and she has made an impact in the U.S.A. as we know it. Now that women are able to get jobs, men don’t have to do twice the work because they have help from their wife. Besides that usually women work, take care of family and homes.…show more content…
In my point of view from all the research I have done women tend to have more interest in political events and are interested in what is happening around them and how it is going to affect them and their families. Another example of a woman role model in politics is Ms. Sonia Sotomayor. She was in a poor position since a young age but as she expressed her feelings and continued to have excellent grades she progressed; after all the hard work she has put into her education she is now the 1st Hispanic women and 3rd in line female to become an associate justice in the supreme
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