Argumentative Essay: Universal Health Care

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“It is wrong for someone who is terminally ill to have to consider money.” This was a comment that President Obama made about universal healthcare. There are many views on health care and how it should be handled. Before congress currently addressing the issue is the Kenny Dodd bill. This would formerly specify what a qualified health care plan is. This bill would also create an employer mandate that would require each employer to pay a certain percentage of their employee’s premiums on healthcare if they did not wish to have to pay a new tax. However, there are still some Americans opposed to the bill because it would be taking away from the private sector that they pay for and making it more public. They feel that because…show more content…
This situation has positive and negative effects. If there are more vaccinations that will mean more people will be able to get less harmful diseases. This is a great side effect because potentially lethal diseases will be able to be eradicated and properly disposed of. This can be exemplified by the small pox disease. Once there was a vaccination for small pox and this vaccination was required, then the disease finally died out. This will be able to happen on a much larger scale with many more diseases that are affecting Americans today. On the other hand, the vaccinations might not be able to keep up with the bacteria diseases, and then we have a problem that more people will get these diseases if the vaccinations cannot stop the diseases anymore. This could potentially create a “super disease” with the worst case scenario being that the world goes into a pandemic starting in America, and we have a “Black Plague” effect. Of course, there will be a very large amount of time for this effect to take place, plus this will be combated by medical professionals if it becomes a problem. For the time being, and considering fiscal policy is a slow moving beast, more vaccinations will have a positive effect on the well being of our nation. The health of our citizens will be greater as well just because of the fact that they will be looked at by a doctor more frequently and will be able to have more preventative health care action. The people that don’t have health care are usually diagnosed with more advanced stages of diseases and other medical ailments, and the care that they receive isn’t as personalized as it could be had they of had an insurance plan with a personal doctor that has been keeping track of their physical health for a number of years (Leavitt). This is why this Kennedy-Dodd health care plan

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