Universal Health Care

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Article Write Up: Pros and Cons of Universal Health Care In this article the pros and cons of universal health care are described with great detail. Universal health care is health care that is subsidized by the government; another name for it is “single-payer” health care. This form of health care is offered in most countries to all its citizens. The advantages of universal health care is it gives people that can not afford health care the health care services they are in need of. In the instance of universal health care, the plan covers everyone, mostly for people who have a hard time finding health care. Second advantage, is that “the entire population spreads around the cost of the health care so everyone can at least get the basic care that they need.” A third major advantage is that citizens can get free treatments for basic conditions without concerns for cost. The cons of this health care are that it often results in lengthy waiting time for patients, and therefore, not every patient will receive the services needed. Additional, patients with higher incomes may be weary of their money being spent on others health care. A third con is the inedible fact that some people may attempt to abuse the system. Lastly, universal health care almost always has many rules and regulations, and also eliminates the free market for health care where prices may actually be lower. In conclusion, I personally feel that universal health care would be inefficient due to the amount of people that always try to abuse the system and misuse government programs. Also, it would indefinitely increase the taxes, as the system would need funds to survive. Lastly, it is in my own opinion that governments are not able to successfully run such programs, without problems
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