Implementing Universal Health Care In America

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It's hard to imagine life without health care. If you are someone who has health insurance and you are sick or in need of a medical attention you are able to get the care that you need. Depending on whether it's a severe or minor affliction, you can get the treatment that you need as soon as possible. Sometimes you may get treated in the finest hospitals by the best doctors because they are aware that you have health insurance. But imagine life without these luxuries. Unlike those who have health insurance, there are many people who lack it and as hard as it may be to believe, people are suffering because of it. Just imagine you or a relative become ill and are in need to be cared for immediately and because you don't have health insurance; you are left without care. And what seemed to be a minor anguish becomes severe. Now you are left with a financial burden of a major illness and we all know that it can be very devastating. I believe that health care should not only be offered but it should be made affordable for everyone. The U.S should immediately adopt the universal healthcare because it will benefit us all and make life easier for everyone. As of today health care has become a controversial topic. After decades of failed attempts by democratic presidents; president Obama finally signed the health care reform in March 2010. Although I am glad that he signed this health care reform, I believe that his decision to sign this bill seemed to be pressured into changing things because he felt he has to immediately. Now we all know that since Obama became president, the American people have been anxiously waiting for some changes. I know the healthcare reform is a priority right now but it should be addressed carefully. There's no need to rush through legislations if we want this major issue to be unraveled; I would rather get it right then get it quick. I feel
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