Argumentative Essay: The Universal Healthcare System

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I see big debate among all the candidates for the presidency, but the most time their critics focus just about their personal matter, gender, race, ethnicity, or believes. I wonder who will be the one that could make right decisions to lot of issues that Americans face in daily basis. One of the issues that close to my heart is the universal healthcare system. This issue it is one of fundamental and basic of human dignity, it is right for every citizens. According to the Census Bureau, 43.6 million Americans had no health insurance in 2002. American expansive healthcare system got thousands of Americans to bankruptcy each year. First we must know what we need to change in our expansive healthcare system, is it over priced healthcare services by doctors and hospitals? Is it expansive drugs? Is it the expansive compensation of malpractice law suits? Is it the expansive premium that insurance companies charge? Or is…show more content…
R. Reid visited was Switzerland who has very good universal healthcare system. Before they used to have similar coverage as US. if somebody lost his job he will lose his coverage. Swiss come up with a system called LAMAL everybody has to buy it by giving back a very good healthcare service for all. The current Swiss president Pascal Couchepin was not happy with LAMAL when it started 10 years ago, but know he likes it. He said to the reporter: “Everybody has right to healthcare”. T. R. Reid said to the Swiss president: “we would certainly say everyone’s entitled to an education. Everyone is entitled to legal protection if you get in trouble with the law. But we don’t say that everyone’s entitled to healthcare.” In Switzerland their benefit is the same for everybody and the insurance companies can not make profit on basic healthcare but can make it on luxury services as better hospital rooms and so fourth, this also a way how they attract more

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