Pros And Cons Of The Presidential Election

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The Presidential Election is in its final days, the biggest concern with the American people is which candidate could create more jobs and help build the economy. Each candidate will propose their plans that will bring the economy and unemployment levels up. After serving 4 years in office, President Obama has prevented another depression. It is a work in progress for the President, and will continue to make improvements if elected another term. Obamas running mate Governor Mitt Romney brings his experience in business to convince voters he will deliver the change they need. During the debates, each candidate made their appeal towards the middle class voters. The future for those unemployed looks bright, as each party would like to boost manufacturing…show more content…
There is a lot to blame on the past administration, for how bad the economy became. But the top priority of the people is to elect a candidate that will move the economy forward. With the election closing in, each candidate had their chance to make there statement in the debates. The President states that the recovery takes time, and there is still a lot of work to be done. While Governor Romney says, with his experience he knows what it takes. Both candidates say they have plans that will raise the economy and create jobs. They each proposed a 5-point plan that would correct the course of the economy. Their plan consists of exporting goods to other countries, taking advantage of our own energy resources, better training for the people, helping small businesses, and reducing the deficit. They have tried to differentiate their plan, but for the most part agree with each other on what is most…show more content…
Obama immediately brought up the Lilly Ledbetter act which was the first bill he signed when he came into office. The act opens up limitations on pay discrimination lawsuits filed after a period of time. Passing bills like the Lilly Ledbetter act is the right step women need in this economy. President Obama says this is not just a women’s issue, but a family and middle class issue as well. Another issue brought up by Mr. Obama is insurance companies should provide contraceptives to anyone being insured. Women rely on Planned Parenthood funding’s for contraceptive care, mammograms, and cervical cancer screenings. This is money they are saving, helping the family financially and allows them to earn a

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