Private Health Insurance Vs. Public Health Insurance

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Picture this; it is a beautiful day out so you and your family are enjoying the sunshine and preparing food on the grill. You are interrupted by a phone call from your brother or sister to tell you that your father has fallen due to a heart attack and needs hospital care for the next few months. I’m sure that your first thought was “how is the family going to pay for him to stay in the hospital and get the care that he needs?”. This would be any person’s first thought if they’ve lived by a private healthcare system. On the other hand, a person who may live in a public health care system may only have to worry about being right there by his side, and not have to worry so much about the money that will have to be put into the bills. One subject that has been an on going discussion in the United States has always been health insurance, or which kind is the best for a country. People in the United States have contemplated whether we should switch from our private health insurance systems to a public healthcare country. Is it too harsh on a country to switch? Would it be better for the United States? In order to make a clear decision of which could potentially be better for a country you need to have a fine understanding of the two kinds, and you need to understand the ins and outs. In a public healthcare system the people of a country pay high taxes to build a nice bank account that goes toward paying for complete healthcare to all people in the country. The high taxes may contribute to the economy by taking a percentage of money out of the people’s hands, but to pay off the costs the people are then provided health coverage that any family income can afford. This may seem like a win/ win situation but there is much more to it than that. On the other hand of the bargain for health care is a private health care system. In this kind of system the overall taxes paid

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