Applying Blau's Social Policy Analysis Model

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Assignment Three Idara Nwa SWK-647: Social Welfare Policies and Services II Prof. Debra Huff April 3, 2012 The social policy topic that I chose is Medicare. The reason I chose this topic is because I feel that older people are the forgotten population of our country; and I know that we will all be in that population at some point in time. I will focus on the rising costs of Medicare and the impact this has on older adults. I will do this by applying Blau’s social policy analysis model using the following perspectives: history, social movement, economics, politics, and ideology. Overview of Medicare What is Medicare? Medicare is a standardized, federally sponsored program which provides financial sustenance and…show more content…
The questions still remains: why can’t the American people provide the best and most effective medical care for all of our elderly citizens? And, how can we accomplish this goal and fund it in a fiscally responsible way? Research still needs to continue in order to resolve these questions. Conservatives criticized Medicare because it is a nuisance to the party’s ideology, which views the private marketplace, not government, as the solution to society’s most pressing social problems. By applying the strengths perspective, which uses human strength and resiliency as a guide for helping individuals overcome personal obstacles and challenges, conservatives would rationalize that older adults should plan for their retirement many years earlier, preparing a way to provide their own medical care. Health care should be an individual responsibility. In addition, some Conservatives surmise Medicare in its present form is a government entitlement and like all big government programs, it’s inefficient and disempowers individuals. The fiscally responsible thing to do, in their opinion, is go back to the privatization of Medicare in order to avoid large government…show more content…
Ideally, barring wealthy persons from receiving Medicare would be one option. Despite the fact that they are paying into it, if they have the means to provide their own medical aid, then let them. This can be achieved by requiring all eligible persons to report and prove their annual income. Also, by creating a national sales tax on toiletries and liquor, and using this revenue to fund Medicare would off- set much of the cost. In conclusion, is Medicare necessary? In my opinion, yes. We will always have baby boomers. Older people are living longer, productive lives. They deserve to have a decent standard of living. The last thing they need to worry about is increasing health care costs. We have to find a better way to fund and develop Medicare so that the standard of living as an older American is improved and they may see their last days with

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