Effects of the Industrial Revolution

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Many changes have happened since the Industrial Revolution started in the 1780s. Some of these changes have affected us positively and some have affected us negatively. Technology has improved a lot but working conditions have gotten much worse. Urbanization has transformed our country. The industrial revolution is changing the course of history for the better and for the worse. One way things got better is technology has and still is improving. There are tons of new inventions and discoveries. The advancements in medicine cause less people to die from disease, so our population is booming! They have invented vaccinations that prevent disease such as cowpox by injecting a small amount of the disease in you so you will not get it in the future! It is amazing! I’m sure there are more inventions coming too! The architectural advancements are also great; building up is giving us much more room for living. Another improvement is the increase in industrial production. Machinery is cheap so more companies can afford it and more can be produced. We also mass produce cotton, which merchants all over the world purchase. Since we have developed steam engines, we have become the world’s greatest manufacturer or coal and iron! Also with our new methods of making steel, we have built over 15,000 miles of railroad tracks, increasing transportation and communication. Some problems with the Industrial Revolution are the working conditions and wages. Men and women are not paid equally. Men usually make twice to three times what women get per week. Women barely get enough to pay for the lowest rent. People often have to work 12-14 hours a day, six days a week, with only short breaks to eat. The factories they work in are often extremely hot, poorly built, and there is no way out. The doors and windows are locked and it is dark. People are commonly injured by dangerous machinery
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