Argumentative Essay On Distracted Driving

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7.07 Conclusion in Argumentative writing Distracted driving occurs everywhere in the world. It’s an issue that impacts the whole United States of America. As people of this day and age we need to come together as a whole and put a stop to this outrageous dilemma that effects the lives of thousands of people every day. As a result of distracted driving, excessive amounts of car accidents as well rise in deaths. The state of Florida is in need of a law that prevents drivers from texting and driving. As the state of Florida we are considered the 46th state to have received this law. Texting and driving is considered illegal in the state of Florida because it’s better to have safe drivers that distracted drivers who can put others at risk. Yes the act of texting and driving is illegal but we don’t do too much to actually stop drivers from still doing breaking this law. In early October of 2013 Florida was alongside the rest of the states that were prohibiting texting while driving. Apparently the law states that in order for the driver to be pulled over, the driver has to have two different offenses that he has committed. Many people in the state of Florida believe that this law doesn’t…show more content…
Florida Ban While Texting Law penalizes your license but you do not receive a ticket for it. Laws like this should be abolished, as well as the freedom to use your phone at a traffic stop or jam. In the state of Florida, they even have laws for motorcyclists. They are allowed to listen to music and use cellphones at certain times when on the motorcycle. The laws that are currently enforced in Florida are not necessarily serving a purpose to the people because accident rates are the same as well as deaths from distracted driving. Florida needs to take action by coming up with new laws that will completely abolish the act of texting and driving. They don’t really seem to acknowledge these lenient laws as a problem to the

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