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Cindy Lopez College Composition II Unit 6 Project Kaplan University Final Essay Florida Sunpass system SunPass system was mainly created to avoid traffic in the Florida highways like 826, 874, I95, 595, I75, between others. Apparently the new electronic payment method is only creating a chaos in the community. Since 2008, the state has suspended 3.8 million driver's licenses in the state of Florida with a high percentage caused by SunPass violations (Deeson, 2011). This system is composed by three state agencies which are: SunPass, Miami Dade Expressway Authority and their collection agency called Law Enforcement. The lack of communication between the agencies is the main reason why residents are not receiving bills on time and getting…show more content…
(Florida State Law Statute 316.1001). It started in February of 2010 when the turnpike began collecting electronic payments for all the extension in Miami Dade and Broward County. (Turnbell, 2012) Once this method was created it was also created the toll by plate method payment for all those that are not SunPass users. This method works once you pass by a toll booth a picture of your license plate is taken and you receive a bill at the end of each month. A billing fee is added to your statement and the payment rates for toll by plate users are higher than for SunPass users. Sunpass users have access to benefits and discounts, examples of these ones are: when a Sunpass user goes to the airport instead of having to pay for parking, the parking rate can also be deducted from the Sunpass accounts and they get a discount as…show more content…
But as mentioned before here is when the problem comes, Florida drivers and SunPass users have recently been receiving bills when they are not supposed to. Receiving bills is not the worst part, but getting a notice in the mail stating that their licenses are about to be suspended due to a toll violation and with no time to appeal this statement because their driving privileges are at risk. A solution to the problem would be if these three state agencies consolidate into one itself and handle the SunPass accounts, the toll by plate and the toll violations all at once. Is understandable that if the battery of the transponder attached to the vehicle is low it may not transmit the signal to the toll booth, but if the state agencies would work together this issue wouldn’t happen. They would be able to look up each license plate before issuing a bill and if the driver is a SunPass account holder and the license plate is registered under a transponder that matches the driver’s information then they can just deduct the payment from the SunPass account in which the account holder has the option of manual or automatic replenishment which consist on deducting a specific amount of money from a bank account or credit card once the balance on the transponder gets to a low limit,

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