Drastic Offense

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Ricardo Scartozzi Jela Latinovich English Comp 104 30 October 2012 Drastic Measure for a Drastic Offense: Benefits and Disadvantages of Mandating Chemical Castration for Repeat Sex Offenders in the U.S Anyone with a reasonable conscience cringes at the thought of repeat violent sex offenders in the U.S consistently receiving miniscule prison sentences, even in comparison to first time non-violent drug offenders. They’ve committed an act that haunts and affects the victim’s psychology, esteem, and various other traits for the remainder of their lives. Is there truly a permanent solution to ensure the safety of potential victims? Some would agree; others not so much, but the one method both views agree would see at least evident results…show more content…
What if more prisoners got the notion complying with “chemical castration” would reduce or even revoke their sentence? DeWayne Wickham of USA Today presented this argument “Castration often fails to halt offenders” His 2001 article goes on arguing that “Rape and most other sexual offenses have little to do with sex and more to do with physical domination” (Wickham par 3).Wickham’s article also contains an interesting quote Florida prosecutor Jerry Burford told the St. Petersburg Times “I get a lot of people who are impotent that still commit sexual battery. It's not their gonads that cause them to commit sexual battery. It's their…show more content…
I myself lean more anti-authoritarian but when it comes to inhumane acts; I believe balance must be put in effect. This does not discard however, the due process violation the punishment undergoes thanks to the Fourth Amendment; meaning equal treatment of genders. From a very powerful Polish political incumbents perspective however, human rights is the last thing they should be entitled to. Poland who also became the 1st country to make chemical castration forced for certain offenders in 2010 according to the Economist. In the article “No Sympathy” was a quote by Prime Minister David Tusk stated two years before as he replied to a human rights group as said “I do not believe that we can call these individuals -- these creatures -- human beings," he added. "So in this case, we don't need to discuss human rights." At the end of the day the important question to ask is this. Is castration about punishment of offenders or public safety? Dr. Keith Albow gave his analysis on Fox News.com in the article “chemical castration” his article conveniently contains info discussing of a scientific study that found that offenders on Depo-Provera re-offended less than 1 percent in comparison to 68 whom were not taking the drug. The scientific source surprisingly, was never

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