Political Issues: Gun Control In The United States

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Political Issues Zach Johnson Gun control has been a major interest in the publics eyes for many years and if a politician backs gun control or if he is totally against it, whichever way he chooses can swing many Americans to vote for there party. Most Americans that are against gun control are the country men and women that make hunting a big part of their lives, and most of the mid-west states will vote for the man that is against gun control. On the other hand most people that are for gun control are people that come from the cities and the only time they see a gun is if it is pulled on them while they were getting robbed. These people are manly on the coast of American. There are many gun control Advocates and there are just as…show more content…
These to men have similar views on the issue such as a law prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers if someone using their produst comittes a crime. Also they both supports instant criminal background checks on people purchasing guns and believes law should apply to gun sales at gun shows. They both also voted for the child safty laws and such. But this is where they part. Obama voted for the AR band and McCain voted against it. They were also veiwing different sides when it came to the Heller vs. Columbia case. McCain wanted the ban on guns in D.C to be lifeted while Obama did not say a thing. McCain also voted on a bill that went against the government taking the citizens fire-arms in times of crises’s. So as you can see from where they stand Obama is a little more for Gun Control while McCain is almost completely Agenst it. My opinion on this issue is that it is our constituional right to have these fire arms and that we should be able to keep them. I had a history teacher tell me once that the one admendment is the only one that keeps the government on edge and doing what the population wants cuz it gives us the power to rebel if the government stopes listening to us. Also I think that if they do band guns like they do in other country’s all they are going to accomplish is taking the guns out of the good guys hands and giving the bad people who will not turn theirs in a free

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