Argumentative Essay On Treatment Vs Incarceration

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Treatment Versus Incarceration Anthony Williams Ivy Tech Community College Treatment Versus Incarceration One of the most controversial points in America is the debate about Treatment versus Incarceration. We have sectors that seem to believe that you cannot treat and rehabilitate an offender. This sector, which is the Justice System of this country, simply states ‘build more prisons’. We have come to a time where there are so many prisons in some states that it is considered a vital source of income for that state. As we will soon learn, if we do not put some type of behavioral modification program in place we will continue to have the problems of prison overcrowding. First of all, we have our department of Justice that are adamant about incarcerating…show more content…
Phillip Smith contends that harm reductionist and addiction specialists oppose drug courts. According to Smith, treatment for drug addiction should be voluntary; not enforced, some drug courts reject methadone assisted rehabilitation; judges may not understand addiction as a chronic condition; and some drug courts are under attack for denying due process rights to defendants. While drug courts are better than prisons for addicts, Smith believes that chemical dependency should not be confronted with sanctions. The first drug court designed to find a more effective way for the criminal justice system to deal with drug offenders, was born in Miami in 1989, under the guidance of then local prosecutor Janet Reno. The notion behind drug courts is that providing drug treatment to some defendants would lead to better outcomes for them and their communities. Unlike typical criminal proceedings, drug courts are intended to be collaborative with judges, prosecutors, social workers and defense attorneys working together to decide what will be best for the defendant and the

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