Should Society Create Rules/Ethics/Standards for Public Cell Phone Use?

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Enrique Martinez ENC1101 11-19-13 Prompt: Should society create rules/ethics/standards for public cell phone use? Society has developed a lot since the beginning of time. Now days it is fairly easy to make new friends especially through one of the greatest sources of communication (cell phone); people use this particular device daily in their routines. But sometimes, using a cell phone in public can be rude and disrespectful. We, as human beings, need to be able to interact with each other with certain ethics/standards. Our society should definitely create a set of rules for those who do not use their cell phones appropriately in public. Often cell phone users will multitask, attempting to carry on a conversation while driving, using an ATM, or completing a store transaction. Many states have banned cell phone use while driving, citing a relationship between phones and traffic accidents. One example would be Florida, which was banned due to all the aggressiveness caused by the drivers while using their phones. Cellular phone use while driving can easily cause a collision and put in risk anyone’s life. In urban areas, each collision occurring in rush hour can induce a cascade of traffic congestion, emergency response time, and grief for those affected. While completing a store transaction or using an automatic cashier, people tend to divide their attention while using their cell phone. This can become an obstruction to the cashier and an inconvenience to those behind them, who must wait longer. Some individuals do not tolerate this particular situation and they try to avoid it somehow. Also in airplanes and hospitals cell phones can interfere with delicate instruments. This is a serious issue because it puts in risk a lot of lives unnecessarily. Furthermore, many people go to places such as libraries specifically to focus and do work.

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