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MRKT 5000 Online Course Willie Williams Consumers Take a Shine to Apple Inc. Case Summary: Apple Inc. was started by Steve Wozniacki and Steve Jobs on April 1, 1976. For the first two decades Apple concentrated on manufacturing and selling personal computers. The first personal computer was the Apple I and then the company produced the Apple II, Macintosh and now they produce MacBooks and iMacs. Apple really began to prosper in 2001 when the company began producing the extremely successful iPod music player. Along with the iTunes music stores the iPod revolutionized the way individuals would buy music. In 2007 another Apple product was introduced that would revolutionize its industry, the iPhone. Apple is now the largest publicly traded corporation in the world by market capitalization. Case Questions 1. How has Apple implemented the marketing concept? Apple implemented its marketing concept by seemingly offering products to consumers that are state of the art and revolutionizing its industries. Apple seems to know what consumers demand before the consumers actually know. The iPod and iPhone were created before people even knew what a digital music player or a smartphone were. Not only do they sell these items the company sells high end computers to its customers. Apple markets its personal computers has the best computers on the market that feature top of the line features that other companies cannot match. 2. Describe the role of Apple stores as an important part of its marketing strategy? Apple’s retail stores are an important part of its marketing strategy because it has become the face of the company. Most technology companies are relatively anonymous. Most companies like Google and Facebook exist in the cyber world. The retail stores are a way to put a name to the

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