Apple Case Analysis

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| Apple Case Analysis | Murilo Bustani | BUS 417Dr. Harlow | 02/14/2013 | Wingate University | | Table of Contents Abstract pg. 3 Analysis: Introduction pg. 4-7 Discussion pg. 7-10 Conclusion pg 10-12 Appendix: Audit pg. 14-15 References pg. 16 Abstract In this case analysis I tried to reflect on how did Apple’s performance continued to be outstanding while the world and U.S. economy was flat to negative and how could Apple sustain this high level of performance and major innovation. The analysis includes Steve Jobs bibliography, Apple Inc history, and several attributes that relates them both to the markets the company was encountered in. Within this topics are discussed the corporate governance, marketing and distribution, target audience, business strategy, and Jobs ideals of how the company should behave. The influences of Apple Inc in the world and society around it are also topics that had my attention and my wiliness to analyze. Apples ability to grow and gain people’s attention must be in effort and should be understood by many different perspectives. Introduction Steve Jobs was born in 1955, in San Francisco. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs in the same year he was born. In 1972, Jobs graduated from Homestead High School in Los Altos, California. He met Steve Wozniak in a summer job, which had a genius IQ and was an engineering whiz with a passion for inventing electronic gadgets. At that time Wozniak was working in a “blue box”, an illegal pocket-size telephone attachment that allowed the user to make free long-distance calls, in which Job got involved helping Wozniak to sell the device to consumers. In 1972, Jobs went to Reed College in Portland, Oregon, which he dropped out after one semester staying around Reed and becoming involved in the counterculture. In 1974, Jobs took
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