Apollo Group Case Study

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Kate Miller Apollo Group Case Study Professor McGrath February 25 2013 Apollo Group The early beginnings of the Apollo Group trace back to 1972 when John G. Sperling was chosen to run workshops at San Jose State. He brought in teachers who were experts in their fields and divided the class into small groups and challenged them to complete a group project. The Apollo Group Inc is a for profit corporation headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a private owed education provider that operates mainly in the United States. There are over 21,000 employees, most of which are part time and it has produced nearly $5 billion in revenue. In 1973 it was launched by John G. Sperling with the mission to focus on working adults who want to attain a better education. Many of these adults believed that they would not be able to attain a higher education because they were working as well as taking care of families. However, when the University of Phoenix was founded it allowed the opportunity for these adults to gain an education through online course study. The main campus of the school has no traditional accommodations that many 4 year universities have. The main campus has no student center, athletic facilities, or art centers. The school offers undergraduate as well as graduate-degree programs in practical fields such asbusiness, information technology, accounting, management and marketing. In 1989 Sperling purchased a distance-learning company to create a profitable electronic education system that began the path toward online education. The Apollo Group has several properties under it's umbrella; The University of Phoenix, Western International University, Axia College, Institute for Professional Development, Insight Schools, Olympus High School, and the BBP University College of Professional Studies. In 2005 the University of Phoenix went global to continue their mission,

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