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Tyrel Somerville Sport Millionaires vs. Third World Inequities: International Imbalance PSE 4U1 Mrs.Gilchrist Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Roger Federer, Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather are five of the highest paid athletes in history (Hausladen, 2011). Combined, their total salaries from June 2011 to June 2012 are an astounding 364.4 million dollars. To put this in perspective, on average it costs $23 500 to get a bachelors degree (Tellefsen, n.d.). This means for one year of pay, those five athletes could provide a free four year education program for over 15 500 students. In the United States, it costs approximately $2000 a year to feed a child for a year ("How much does,”). In Africa, it only costs 19 cents a day or 69 dollars a year in US dollars (Flemish, 1/1/). This means five athletes make enough in one year to feed over 5 250 000 children in Africa for one year, or 182 500 children in the United States. Meanwhile there are children all over the world paying anywhere from $75 to well over $6000 dollars a year just to be able to have the chance to play sports for fun (Rutherford, 2009). In this cut throat and disproportioned world, we see imbalance like no other time in history. Children are starving, while athletes play a sport they love and get paid fortunes to do it. We live in a world where people drive 13 cars to where people can’t afford shoes to walk miles every day just to get water for their family to live. Once a symbol of international pride and the love of fair play, sport brought countries out of war to come together to test their skill ("United nations," 2008). Now it is a get rich scheme where the rich get rich and the poor will stay poor. In this world we see sport millionaires being made every day and third world inequities. This is our world and we suffer from a gross international imbalance. Sports, in one way or another,
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