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Heading joshua saxton Soc 101-12 March 5, 2008 TITLE Generation Debt Introduction Hook: How deep in debt are you? As a college student, recently graduated with the world laid out before you, head full of grand ideas and a deep desire to make a change in the world, what is your financial reality? The average college student is close to $20,000 in debt to the student loan company’s and has over $3,000 in credit card debt. With Wal-mart paying minimum wage and many of the ‘good’ jobs out-sourced or only temporary, where is the chance to break into the field that you are fully trained and ready for, where is the place you can go to work so you can really afford to live the life that you have been led is awaiting…show more content…
Namely I will look into the root causes of debt among the young generation, 18-34, as discussed in Generation Debt. Then I will Follow that up with an article with Deborah Matz in looking at how generational debt hurts more than just students. And then I will finish that up with Marshall Goldsmith and looking at how to get out of Generation Debt. I will conclude with an evaluation of my hypothesis and look at a strategy for keeping our next generation out of debt. At the end of the paper I will contribute my own personal opinion on this very important and growing national…show more content…
The chances of this debt being paid off easily by the newly graduated have been found to be slim to none as students get a job and find they are unable to pay all but the minimum payments on credit cards and student loans on the median meager salaries available to them. The biggest employer’s in our country today are those in the service industry, customer service representatives of many kinds now make up the majority of young workers. The Federal Minimum Wage has risen to $5.85 as of July, 2007. The ability to support yourself even with a full time job at 40 hours a week at that wage is difficult to say the

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