Ap Euro; Imperialism's Effectiveness

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Imperialism’s Effectiveness In the mid 1800s, powerful Western nations discovered a new way to gain power: imperialism. Through new imperialism, European powerhouses could seek riches and spread their ideologies to solidify their standing as a world power, and to increase their influence around the world. In spreading their Western ways, they also significantly impacted the development and evolution of far Eastern countries. The spread of imperialism in the Eastern world in the early 1900s resulted in economic gains and the spread of education, among other positive outcomes; however, the negative impacts of imperialism, such as stratification by class and race, outweighed the sum of benefical results. Through imperialism, India and Japan were forced to Westernize. Westernization allowed the countries to advance in the world and become more level with European powers. For example, without the absolute rule of the British, India would not have prospered socially or economically. The British established a modern secondary education in English that resulted in the development of irrigation projects for agriculture, the world’s third largest railroad network, and large tea and jute plantations. A unified, powerful state was created in India by the British vanquishing kingdoms of the India and placing the same general system of laws amongst the Hindu and the Muslim peoples. The perspectives of the Indian peoples became more worldly and educated. Another example of a postive change in perspective that resulted from imperialism is Japan. Prior to 1867, Japan was humiliated by America’s intrusion. The radical samuri reacted to the invasion with violence until the samuri created a patriotic coalition that restored the emporer’s power with minimal bloodshed. Japan was able to establish an authoritarian constitution through embracing Western ideas and successfully
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