“Isabella and Ferdinand Successfully Strengthened the Authority and Power of the Crown in “Spain” by Taming the Castilian Aristocracy.” to What Extent Do You Agree with This View?

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“Isabella and Ferdinand successfully strengthened the authority and power of the Crown in “Spain” by taming the Castilian aristocracy.” To what extent do you agree with this view? Though it is unquestionable that Isabella and Ferdinand did increase the authority of the Crown within “Spain” by 1516. It is, however, more debatable whether the taming of the aristocracy was the sole reason. Other factors such as the unifying of faith within Spain through the exile of the Jews and Muslims, along with their personal style of peripatetic monarchy, surely contributed greatly to their success. The issue of the aristocracy must be addressed first; their influence should not be underestimated, coming from high social backgrounds and many of which held a position in government they generally had at least some form of power, either socially or with direct influence within parliament. It was for these reasons that the aristocracy was able to help Isabella secure her throne. This of course also proves the strength of the aristocracy and the potential problem they could be to control; this view is shared by McClive describing them as “necessary allies.”[1]Kamen also agrees with this point acknowledging them as potentially a very serious threat to the monarchy, but does go on to state that the reason for success with the aristocracy was the rivalry between themselves which stopped them from being so effective. Despite the problem they could create, Isabella and Ferdinand did resist them, without a fixed capital their influence was “tamed” through only a few at a time being able to consolidate with the Monarchs. It also stopped them converging together to form a stronger force that would be able to pressure them. Isabella and Ferdinand also made concessions to the aristocracy in the forms of tax exemptions. Some historians argue this to be more bribery than actual taming
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