Analysis Of Interview Narrative: The 40 Brown Bags

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Chauntel Hill Katyann Cato Mr.Kiki 9th Honors English 22 October 2014 Interview narrative The 40 brown bags 40 brown bags and faith in God, that’s all that was needed to heal and help others. She was a troubled teen, but found God to open her eyes. If God knocked on your door would you answer? Jessica Kovac did. God not only opened her eyes but opened others eyes too. Jessica had a troubled childhood, lost all trust in others, but found God and the 40 brown bags . Jessica grew up with really religious catholic parents. As a young girl Jessica was abused which led her to depression. In high school Jess met a boy named mike, she fell in “love” and got pregnant at the age of 16, and forced into marriage with Mike young and still…show more content…
One day Jess woke up and asked Mike “why aren’t you happy?” he replied “I am”. Jess went to take a shower but started to read the Bible and God told her “don’t look at the man who hurt you, look at the little boy who got hurt.” She began to pray for Mike, she hasn’t prayed for mike in 17 years. She prayed so long that the water ran cold. “Do not delay” is what god also told Jess that meant to help Mike and help others. 40 brown bags, q-tips, chips, and water. She went to her church for help and they thought she was crazy “you want to help those people? They’re homeless” is what they said but Jess didn’t listen. She went by herself downtown and handed the 40 brown bags to the homeless. Jess had been doing this for 3 months and her one wish was for Mike to go with her. One day mike told her that it was dangerous to go by herself and he went. Mike met a man named Homer who changed his life Homer had no family in Spokane, so Jess tracked down his family in Florida. He has a daughter that thought he was dead for 17 years. His daughter is dying and her one wish was to see her father and she did. Mike looks up to Homer as a father figure. From that moment on Jess knew that she needed to help others Jessica’s life today is better than ever. She started her nonprofit orgizeation Blessings under the bridge, to help the homeless. They went from helping 40 people to helping 100-300 people. Mike and Jessica’s relationship has improved tremendously! Mike doent cheat hes clean and they are focused on God and B.U.T.B (blessings under the bridge). Jessica has two kids and grand children who also help with B.U.T.B. She didn’t give up when she was

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