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Melissa Weaver Holocaust – Corrie ten Boom The Holocaust was a very horrific time period for this world. Many people looked at only the negative, but not Corrie ten Boom. Boom (with the help of her family) hid Jewish people in her home. Then the Nazis found out about the hiding place and she was sent to a concentration camp. While she was there, she used that time to teach others about Jesus’ love and the Gospel. Corrie’s life during the Holocaust was both rewarding and tough, but understanding about her life before, during and after the Holocaust can help you gain an understanding of the difficult times. Before the Holocaust Casper and Cor ten Boom married in the year of 1884. They had four children together: Bestie, Willem, Nollie and Corrie. Corrie ten Boom was born on April 15, 1892. Before the family moved to Haarlem, her parents owned a small jewelry store in a narrow house in the ghetto of Amsterdam. “The Ten Boom house in Haarlem, North Holland, was a place of refuge even before the Nazis invaded in 1940. In 1918 the ten Boom family took in the first of many children they would unofficially adopt” (New World Encyclopedia). Casper ten Boom took over his father’s watch shop but the store never made a good sum of money because he would often work for free if the costumer was unable to pay. Corrie started to help her father with the shop and in 1920 she began her training as a watchmaker. Two years later she became the first female watchmaker to earn her license in the Netherlands. Her father then had Corrie take over all the financial part of the business. The business began to flourish but still only made enough money for the ten Boom family and people that they helped. The ten Boom family were also active members of the Dutch Reformed Church and at that church, they “held a strong belief in the equality of all human beings before God” (New World

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