True Meaning Of Freedom

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True Meaning of Freedom I never knew the true meaning of the word "freedom" until about six years ago, even though I grew up and lived in our great USA " Land of the free, home of the brave" my whole life. I was born in a small, sleepy town on the outskirts of Northern NJ. When I was six years old my family moved to North East Pennsylvania because my Dad and Grandfather wanted to start a veal business. My Dad was a hard worker all his life, taking odd jobs wherever he could find work. I remember my Mom telling me he once had a job picking large rocks out of the road before the big machines came to have it paved. My Dad never finished school; he dropped out after the 10th grade. My Grandfather worked in factories all his life. He mostly was a piece worker, getting paid by how many parts he produced per day. Both of them wanted a fresh start by owning their own business and living the American dream. Veal are baby cows that have not yet fully matured and have very soft, tender meat. They bought a run down farm which included 93 acres of wooded, hilly land. The farm house was a two story structure that had large rooms and a porch that ran the full length of the front, and a small porch in the back. The farm house sat on a hill overlooking a creek. The barn was huge; it had dozens of stalls running the full length on both sides. My uncle would come up every year from Jersey with his buddies and go deer hunting on the property. I loved walking in the woods and playing in the creek. I was young at the time, but I remember working in the barn, feeding the calves and sweeping the floor. Long hours were spent in that barn 7 days a week looking after the calves and tending to all the chores involved. But my Dad and Grandpa didn't care, they were their own bosses. Their Farm business lasted 10 years. As soon as the veal industry went bust, so did they. Environmental

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