How Did Martin Luther King Show He Believed in Justice?

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How did Martin Luther King show he believed in justice? In this essay I am going to show how Martin Luther King worked all his life to give black people justice – fair treatment. Martin Luther King was born on 15th January 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia in the heart of South America. His dad was a priest and he later on followed in his footsteps after he was educated at Atlanta university laboratory high school, Washington high school and then Morehouse College later studying at Crozer University. Martin was a well behaved young boy and believed in justice for black people through non-violent protests and messages from god. Martin was a Christian and this meant he believed everyone was equal. To-do this black people needed to be treated fairly, but coloured people were far from this. They were segregated from whites in toilets, restaurants and schools. Additionally black people were almost always paid less, up to 30% less and if there was a black person that was being beaten up then the police wouldn’t help them, infact they might have joined in! Martin had a very wealthy child hood, he had many family outings, had nice clothes and one day he needed some new shoes. He went out with his father to buy a pair of shoes and sat on the front row of seats at the shoe shop. The shop assistant was happy to serve them, if they moved to the back seat. But Martin’s father saw no reason why he should move, so he walked out the shoe shop knowing that the shop assistant wouldn’t serve them on the front seats because of his colour. This was the first time Martin realized that something was strange about his colour that other people didn’t like. This thought became clearer when Martin used to go out on long family trips. They used to have long car rides through the night and take picnics, but this was only because they had nowhere to stay at night or any restaurants to eat in
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