The Friend Privelege Narrative

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Stephon Felder September, 25, 2011 3rd period Everyone Don't Get the Friend Privelege "No, my baby! This cannot be happening to him! Lord what did he do to deserve this! Please just help me Lord, send an angel down to get us out of this one. I can't take all this on my heart! Lord please!" That was the sound of a young man mother's voice. Her name was Jan Madison. She was an older woman who was very nice and caring. She had one child which she really loved to death, but her faith was put to test when she almost lost her beloved child Joseph. Joseph was a very popular kid in school. He was one of the top students at Sterling high school, played all sports, and he was very good looking. Everyone knew who Joseph was, they wanted…show more content…
McCoy was a first year nurse at the hospital, and the person to save Joseph's life. He had shocked Joseph with the plugs three times and on the third try Joseph had began to open his eyes and breathe. Joseph couldn't remember when nor how he got to the hospital, but he remember that he had a very painful headache and had received some peels from Traymond. He thought that he could trust Traymond, but he was mistakenly wrong. His mother's exact words to him was," You can't be bestfriends with everyone, and you can't trust everyone either. Most people are jealous of what you have and want to take that away from you. Luckily there is a God who loves you and stop this heartbreak from happening or you would have been gone. The point is, watch who you hang with and choose your friends wisely. I love you son!" After two weeks Joseph was back at school and better than ever. He apologized to everyone for the way that he was acting and he told them that it would never happen again. The nurse had told him that," Your so called friend had gave you a handlebar, which is a very serious drug." Ever since that day Joseph have not said anything to Traymond. Joseph is still getting good grades and now he chooses his friends wisely. Everyone was happy yo see that Joseph was back to

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